by Little Warrior

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Gamboge (noun; pronounced gam-bohj or gam-boozh): a gum resin from the various trees of the genus Garcinia; used as a partially transparent, dark mustard-yellow pigment and as a cathartic. Similarly, this album is to act as a cathartic for its listeners.

Most often, gamboge is extracted by tapping resin from Garcinia trees; however, the trees must be at least ten years old before they are tapped. Much like the resin, the songs on this album have required many years of work, toil, and tapping in order for them to get to a place ready for public release.

People with gamboge auras are believed to altruistically direct their talents toward unselfish purposes, just as the lyrics of this album would encourage.


released August 20, 2010

All songs and vocals,
created and composed,
programmed and produced,
mastered and mixed by:

Alexa Raquel Casciato
(a.k.a. "Little Warrior")



all rights reserved


Little Warrior Portland, Oregon

Lex Casciato makes music under the alias Little Warrior because while she may appear small in day-to-day life, she is actually a formidable opponent in the fight against hate. Her songs focus on a variety of topics from relationships to social injustice but love is a resounding theme throughout. ... more

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Track Name: Heartbeat
I hear it when your heart beats
I hear it when your heart beats
I hear it when your heart beats
Does it beat for me?
Does it beat for me?

The pavement shines with the only light reflecting
Bouncing off it and kissing your face
I wanted to travel like light just then
And wanted to move the same way it bends
Track Name: Monsoon
So now I lay down to say your name
As I pray that you choose to love me again.
Are you going to let me get away?
I need a soldier to fight in my name.

When my tears mimic a monsoon
You can be sure I’ll be swimming to you
And when my face prays to the full moon
You can be sure I’ll be wishing for you

sometimes we just want to cry
to see who will be there
when our tears go stale
who will cleanse my face with kisses

And when my tears mimic a monsoon
You can be sure I’ll be swimming to you
And when my face prays to the full moon
You can be sure I’ll be praying for you

When I wake to greet the cloudless day
I know you’ll be the sun shining on my face
And when my choice to be with one comes
I know you’ll be the prince of whom I’ve sung
Track Name: Monsters
I heard today wasn’t a good one for you
What you want me to do, I will do
I heard them say that I was lucky to have you
If they only knew, how lucky the stars are for the moon
And I wish we could go away
From this rotten day
Chase away my monsters in my closet
Hold me close, ‘til I fall asleep
Here I am for you to love me
And there are you, unknowingly loved
Track Name: Earth to Heaven
I still think of you ever so often
Memories of you on my mind seem to soften
The bliss of your kisses and the touch of your skin
Brings me to a place absent of all pain within

And the way you speak even when slightly stressed
Seems to reveal my insides completely undressed
If I were to leave tomorrow night I pray that you
Would live out the rest of your life never a day blue

That your passions would take flight, but that you would still
Think of me each waking day and in your dreams at night
That you would love me so much that you want to succeed
To show me from Earth to heaven that you still love me
Track Name: Together We Can Combat Nightmares
Wake . Work. Break. Work. Eat. Wash. Feed.
Clean. Work. TV. Need. Need. Need
Rest. Love. Play. Love. You and Me.
Love. Laughter. Afternoon. Read.
Walk. Run. Love. Fun. Hug me, Please
I love. You love. Leave us be.
Where’s the love, Love, between you and me?
We got it all, Love. Greedy.

Humdrum. Twiddling thumbs.
My eyes are rolling to the back of my head.
So sacred a day that is spent with you.
So sweet a breath that is inhaled from you.
Save me, please, from this 40hour week.
Track Name: Day By Day
Now you say, “day by day,”
But with me you were fast-forwarding
Now you say, “day by day,”
But with me you were fast-forwarding
All those minutes, all those hours

Late night drives,
You knew I’d run a mile in bare feet, if you wanted me
But now you don’t, and I’m still running
But arms are closed, no one knows

Answers are far away but I don’t want them anyway
I do not know how long I am to stay

I’m sorry, I have taken this long to recognize you
I wish I could read some minds, but what good will it do me? (2x)

How many humans does it take to feel love?
When will this concept be embraced by human hearts/hands?
Track Name: Downy
I tuck myself into bed each night.
Reach over to the side that I claim is yours.
I only feel downy softened sheets.
But your scent still covers me.

My attention is directed towards a human neglected. But why do I let you reside in the inner most confessions of my mind? The brain could go lame but the heart feels the pain regardless of the feigned, regardless of the disdain, regardless of the insane, regardless of my shame.

I wish I could list the reasons for staying, that is my heart’s remaining with you, doesn’t matter who comes along, if I still go to bed thinking of you. And the weakness is a sickness and the loneliness is forgiveness that I show for you but it’s not enough and it won’t do to maintain the functions of the daily groove.

I miss you.

That’s all it comes down to.

I simply miss you.
Track Name: Mind Your Own Mind
You’re inside of me.
I’m inside of you.
They say I’m made up.
They’re calling your mind a liar.
I’m real. I’m here. Believe me.
I will light your fire.
You’re dying without me.
You’re dying alone.

How could you say that I’m not real
when I know all of your fears.
I’m inside of you.
How could you say claim I’m not here
when I know all of your fears.
I’m inside of you.
Track Name: Fate
Fate called me today and she whispered your name
She said she shouldn’t say, cause that’s part of her game
Oh fate, oh babe, oh fate, oh babe

I wonder where was Fate when the tears rolled down my face
Perhaps she was laughing or just trying to make her way
To my broken heart twisting in the sway
Of people staggered still trying to block my gaze

I feel the need to make recommends to Fate
As though she doesn’t know me well enough to say

God, I know I need to be okay with anything that others may call Fate
But it’s hard for me to release my destiny to you
But when I’ve tried and failed what do I have to lose?

I’ve already lost heart
Lost hope, lost love
I’m trying to reconfigure
My heart to the above

And I do not know what I’m doing
I keep asking you what you’re doing
They keep asking me what I’m doing
And no one is asking you but me

Oh let me catch my breath
And for you I’ll sing my king
You’re the only one
Always listening
And when I complain
That I can’t hear you speaking to me
It’s my arrogance, judgments, pride, and vanity
And I’m humbled by your grace
Humbled by the holes
In the places I can’t take
Cause my hands have just folded
Track Name: Seconds
Love I have spent such a long time looking for you,
And now you’re leaving
Love I have spent such a long time, searching for you
And now you’re deleting me

I hope that’s not the case
I hope I might stay
The seconds pass
You say one word and you’re gone

Love I have spent such a long time looking for you
And now you’re leaving
Me to release you, but it’s hard to
You’re deleting me
From your world, your life, you’re gone
Track Name: Let Me Love
I heard your heart was feeling confused
so let it do what it was made to do
I heard your mind was feeling blue
So let it do what it was made to do
Let me love
And let your heart love too

Some hearts stop for seconds
Some hearts beat furiously
Some hearts bleed tremendously
Some hearts wear out on sleeves

With a convicted grace, you sold me
With a proportioned face, you told me
With wrapped embrace, you fold me
With stable pace, you hold me

You already sold me
You already told me
So continue to fold me
Please just hold me
Track Name: Poker Game
I have no where to go
And the place which I trusted most
Is gone, with the winds of flowing grace
And in your hair I thought a trace of…

La la la la (listen)
La la la la (listen)

I bet my life on a poker game
Lost the genuine for a bowl of fame
Well I ate it up, and now my cup
Has run dry
And your nowhere near in sight

I’m waiting, waiting for the sun to rise
I’ll be waiting, for your eyes to meet mine in the morning

Babe we could get away
No more pretending for waiting
Waiting is taking a toll on me
Let’s wait as we get away
Track Name: Special
(I need you here)

You are more special than I make you feel
You are more real than I could be real
The closer you are the faster I heal
I need you here, I need you near

I need you near
I need you here