One Shots

by Little Warrior

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Every song on this album was recorded on a whim. I sat down at my piano and hit record, and these are the "one shots" that I got :) Some editing was done in post such as fading the audio in and out and the addition of sound effects in the back ground.

The intention of this album is to show some of the creative process behind my piano-based creations. I hope you enjoy!


released December 31, 2013

album artwork by arrist Kevin Willrick



all rights reserved


Little Warrior Portland, Oregon

Lex Casciato makes music under the alias Little Warrior because while she may appear small in day-to-day life, she is actually a formidable opponent in the fight against hate. Her songs focus on a variety of topics from relationships to social injustice but love is a resounding theme throughout. ... more

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Track Name: Relationshit (2009 Version)
I am sick of these relationshits of bullshit and pain
All you’ve ever done was completely unoriginal
You’re the same as the man, no -- the boy, that I got rid of
And now your getting rid of me so you can center yourself
While the whole world is rotating - good luck

I am wondering when I’ll be done wandering around your picture frames
I’ve tortured myself, enough girl, get out
What am I doing to my brain?
And you’re sitting over there,
You’re not realizing anything that you have done requires responsibility
But you’ve pressured me, you’ve thrown it on me, “girl, get over it” you say

I am sick of bullshit relationshit
And I’m sorry for my vocabulary or lack thereof
But you’re driving me up a wall
The wall that had the writing on it from the beginning
When you said that you love your art so much that
You would never be able to trust the human quite the same

I thought I was this stronger girl
Thought I knew what I was getting myself into
I thought I was a wise girl
Thought my eyes wouldn’t revolve around you
But I sit here wondering where I went wrong
What in me looked toward you for some security
I am wondering, again

Oh mind please stop
You’re making me so sick
Oh mind please stop
You’re making me so sick

Wandering ‘round your pictures frames again
I’ve already proclaimed that I am lame
The fact that I thought I could wait for you
Man, I am stupid, stupid
Bullshit, relationshit
Bullshit is what you fed me
And I’ve was eating it out of your palm
And they say you are what you eat
It’s bullshit, relationshit
And no one would ever ask for this relationship
If it were written out on paper
Track Name: Saving Up for Me
Hey baby, don’t you know you’ve been
Saving up for me
I’m a delicious treat worth savoring
Hey baby, don’t you
Worry ‘bout me, I’ve been waiting

Baby, don’t you worry
I’ll be here as long as you
Want me to wait, you’re worth it
But I hope you realize
That I am worth it
Don’t betray my eyes

Hey baby, don’t run away
I know you’re scared about these things
Called the future
And diamond rings don’t mean a thing to me
Don’t mean a thing to me

While others go out
I am just writing my heart down
And some day I will say
You were worth the wait
But now, out falls my clout
And my doubt gets the best of me
As I wait and no phone rings
I wait, no ringer, I wait, I wait

Crowds may mock me
And satan may sneer
But I promise that I will be here
In the midst of the laughter
In the midst of the mockers
I promise that I would put in my time
Track Name: Once Again
Once again, I’ve betrayed my only friend
And there’s not much I can mend
You’ve broken
And here I stand, withering at his demands
I’m broken in his mighty hand

And fear, I let it in when I feel it
I’m leading it to my front door
Coming in for more
Don’t bother to wipe your feet
You’re staying as long as I want you to
Why would I want you to?
Why did I invite you?
Why am I screwed up in my head?
Once again

Once again, I’ve held the gun up to my friend
Said “perform for me, or your dead”
And that’s what he said I’ve already done to him, I’ve done to him
I’ve performed in my sin, and I gave him death again
And I’m dying with him, ‘til I give up

You mean surrender? Why would I want to do that?
That means I control nothing in my life
Maybe I would better off with that after all ‘cause my friend, my friend
My friend all I’ve done for 23 years
Has been my trying to get rid of these fears
And these fears bring me to tears
I give up, I give up

Here I am, demand of me what you can
I’m trying to give my hand and my fear to you
My man
Track Name: My Phantom Limb
The rain
is a plenty
And you just pour
The buckets on
My memories
Let them drown
Let them drown
Let them drown

I will always feel him
My phantom limb
Whether or not I see him
He is my sin

You won’t stop
‘til I give up
And I will never
Give you the pleasure
You would kill
Me for the thrill
To see me crushed
Under your arm

Don’t harm
The one you hate
It’s too late
Don’t hate me because
I took my love away
See how it feels
To have a phantom muscle
In your veins
In your heart
In your chest
Rips you apart

I won’t stop
Til you give me up
And I will never
Ever surrender
Let me go
Before I have to blow
Your heart to smitherines
I did it in my teens
Ask me one more time
You are no longer mine
And i’m no longer yours
Let me go
Let me go
Track Name: Divine Time
The betrayal of a lover’s arms
Like a plastic ruby-plated charm
Charmed me once by your slick serpent tongue
Charm me twice and I’m the shamed one

And you’re not the same one
Not the same as the one I loved
And you’re not anyone
Not anyone I’d like to love

The betrayal of a lover’s arms
Like a diamond-decoy ploy
Played me once by your slippery embrace
My face you kissed is now the one you cannot face

Now being betrayed, I can take
But God will you please take me away
Take me out of this – resituate
I want to be leaving on a jet plane

Now it’s not about me
It’s all about the divine
I count the stars in the sky
Patience proving, taking your divine time
Track Name: 11:11 (Muse)
Fell asleep under a tree and I awoke old & ugly.
Guess my tree abandoned to wake me.
Twenty years since I’ve had anything to show for my name.
Are we just looking for peer-nominated fame?

And I feel alone. When are you coming back?
When are you coming back?
And I’d like a home where I can rest my bones, where I can rest my bones.

Looked to the sky and it fell a bit. My faith was shaken.
Why am I making pictures out of clouds?
I thought I found a teddy bear, warm and cuddly,
Til it turned into a grizzly growling at me.

And I feel alone. When are you coming back?
When are you coming back?
And I found my home, but it had been ransacked, oh it had been ransacked.

And what do we have to show for all of this?
Down the road, ephemeral like a kiss.
All the books I’ve carried haven’t taught me a thing.
Acting more like burdens with a hint of insanity.
And all that has carried me has been from within.
Answers beyond the sky reaping from my seeking.

Do you feel alone? Hey I am coming back.
Hey I am coming back.
I’m building our home where we can rest our backs, where we can rest our backs.

I promised myself that I would give this love another try.
But how much do you water before you know it’s too dry?
I promised you that I would give our love another try.
But when it’s killing me, how do you expect we’ll survive?

I’ve created a monster that creates me.
How am I to tame the beast when it's the one taming me?
And how can I forget it now?
I can't forget it now; it's inside of me.
How am I to release this beast without losing my reality.
You're my reality, you’re my reality, you’re my my reality. (4x)

If you feel alone, hey I am coming, hey I am coming back.
I‘ve got you a home where you can rest your bones, where you can rest your bones.

I have always loved you, and now the truth comes out.
We can be together, you're all I think about.
You can be my music, that makes the world make sense.
And if you choose, I'll tune it.
You make life make sense.